here are many «guides» on how to apply makeup, quickly zamutat desired guy or beautifully decorate your home. And do you know about some lifhakas used by tourists to help you travel cheaper and more comfortable?
1 Buy on Tuesday. Pricing for air tickets has a one-week cycle. All that is not sold over the weekend and needs to be sold — is thrown at a discount on Monday, if this did not bring success, then on Monday night on Tuesday «price wars» and forced sales begin. The conclusion is this: buying tickets from midnight to 15-00 on Tuesday is the most profitable.
2 «1 passenger». If you are a family or just a big company, look for tickets for one person. Airlines websites will try to sell a ticket above the class if you drive 2 or more people into the search bar. The difference in price is not always obvious, since you see only the amount for all the tickets and you can miss the fact that one or two tickets are of a higher class at a higher price. Drive into the search box «1 passenger». Find out the minimum price and then make sure that the cost of each ticket is exactly that.
3 The GateGuru application will tell you everything about all the airports of the world: where ATMs are located, what stores are in Duty free, where you can have a snack or a rest.
4 Museums. Almost every museum has a free visit day, which you can find on the site. On such a day it is better to come to the opening to avoid queues.
5 Buy incognito. If you came to the site just to see the ticket for the right date, you liked it and you went for a payment card — in 15 minutes it will become more expensive. It’s not that all the tickets were sold out — just the airline already knows that you came in, was interested in this ticket, it is very necessary and, probably, you are ready to pay more. All this can be avoided if you search for tickets in incognito mode. So you will not leave any traces on the Internet, and the airline will not know who «came» to her for tickets.
6 Correct. If you travel and is limited in means — correct mistakes in the menu of a local restaurant. Usually you will be treated to a delicious lunch.
7 Save on baggage. Pour the liquid into bottles of 100 ml, fold the clothes with tubes, buy a folding travel bag. It takes a little space in the backpack, and on the way back you will be able to bring in her numerous purchases.